science grants: where to apply

What options are available for science grants?

The UK has a long history of providing science grants for worthwhile projects. The Royal Society (www.royalsociety.org/grants) offer a wide variety of financial incentives to the scientific community.

Various schemes are available for outstanding scientists during the earlier stages of their careers. The University Research Fellowship is typical of these development programmes, and is intended to nurture talented individuals with the potential to become leaders in their field.

The Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship gives support to budding scientists who are otherwise unable to further their work due to personal circumstances, such as family responsibilities.

What grants are available within the science industry?

The Royal Society also provides the Industry Fellowship. This is targeted at academic scientists who wish to collaborate on a specific project with their counterparts in industry. Funding is also provided for scientists who are already working in industry, to enable them to join with academic organisations.

Ideally, scientists who have invested time and effort in a project would like to see their labour rewarded. The Brian Mercer Feasibility Award is available to those scientists investigating the potential commercial aspects of their research.

Applying for science grants in the UK: tips

Before beginning the application process for science grants, there are a few pointers for you.

  • Check your eligibility. All the relevant information you’ll need to access your worthiness for any grant is available online.
  • Once you’ve confirmed your research merits funding, apply via a webform on the e-GAP site (www.e-gap.royalsociety.org).
  • Decide on a nominated referee in case your application requires a third party.

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