Want to save money on your Scooter Insurance?

Owning a scooter can afford you an unrivalled sense of freedom to travel and commute! Drivers will feel jealous as you whizz past and they sit in traffic.

However, you may have already found that Scooter Insurance is proving costly. This is due to the high number of accidents involving these vehicles. It is often blamed on Scooters being the first vehicle that novice motorists buy.

Their mistakes shouldn't cost you the earth though, it's entirely possible to bring your premium back down to earth easily, and we've rounded up all the tips to help you make it happen.

Assess Safety Gear - First, make sure you've got all the correct safety gear you may need. This can include a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads etc. Let your insurance company know you have these products, and see how it affects your premium.

It's also possible to add your safety gear to the policy, in the event of something happening to it, you'll be covered.

Keep an accident free record - This goes without saying, but you're far more likely to receive a low premium if your record is spotless. If you've claimed for an accident recently, then expect to pay higher costs.

Your age will also have a bearing. If you're a young male, then you're out of luck once again. Companies will charge you a much higher premium as you're more of a risk.

Your engine size will also play a role. If you can get a restrictor fitted that brings down the maximum speed, then it's likely to lead to savings!

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