Get the best prices for your scrap gold per gram

We've all seen those really annoying ads on TV claiming that they'll offer us the best prices for our unwanted gold and jewellery, but despite the fact that the ads seem to be multiplying at an alarming rate have you or anyone you know ever actually given any thought to taking them up on their offers?

It seems that despite the blanket coverage these guys are paying to handsomely for, very few people are actually willing to take the risk of losing out on potential money. While almost everyone has old jewellery lying around, many people are attached to the memories behind it, or simply don't believe that they can get a good enough price to make them want to sell.

Well, if you ever find yourself stuck for money and have no other option but to try to cash in, it's very important that you arm yourself with enough information to make sure that you don't become the latest mug willing to supply top quality gold for a knock down price.

There are many sites on the internet that will give you a reliable, and constantly updated, price on the market rate for scrap gold. Our favourite can be found at www.lois-jewellery.com/Todays%20Prices.htm (though we cannot stress enough that this should only be used as a rough guideline for approximate values).

At the time of writing, they listed the prices for scrap gold per gram as follows:

Hallmarked 9ct Gold: £10.60 per gramHallmarked 14ct Gold: £16.48 per gramHallmarked 15ct Gold: £17.66 per gramHallmarked 18ct Gold: £21.20 per gramHallmarked 20ct Gold: £23.55 per gramHallmarked 22ct Gold: £25.91 per gramHallmarked 24ct Gold: £28.26 per gram

They also offer a handy scrap gold value calculator, which should give you the most accurate idea for the ballpark value of your unwanted jewellery.

Hopefully this will help you get the best price should you ever find yourself in need of a little extra income!

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