Scrap Gold Price Per Gram

If you're one of those people who's seen the "cash for gold" adverts and want to sell your scrap gold for a bit of extra cash you'll probably also want to know what the current scrap gold price per gram is. As with most gold prices, the rate is judged off the current economic value of gold (the world gold rates) which is calculated from American dollars. However, you will never receive the current selling price for gold with scrap gold dealers.


Factors Influencing the Price of Scrap Gold Per Gram

There are many different influences that will change the price of your scrap gold, such as:

  • The carat of your gold (the purity) compared to the weight of the gold in grams.
  • The current market value of gold, which changes daily.
  • The amount the retailer will offer for gold (which is influenced, of course, by the current market price of gold).
  • The amount of commission/percentage the retailer takes off for the gold.


How Can I Calculate Scrap Gold Per Gram?

You can use online calculators to easily come up with an estimate for your gold. These are based on current rates for gold and should be able to provide a near-accurate result based on the weight and purity of the gold.


How Much Will I Get?

Even when you've calculated the estimated value of your scrap gold, you have to remember that "scrap" gold isn't a gold bullion or gold coin and won't be in perfect condition. So, you'll have to account for that in your calculations and take a little bit off the estimate price. Secondly, look at the dealer rates and deduct that from your price to get a slightly more accurate result. Remember scrap gold dealers will calculate your gold on current market price, deduct a percentage (profit margin) and deduct another percentage to keep some of the cash for themselves (commission).

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