Searching for bargain young drivers insurance?

Securing value car insurance for young drivers can be something of a fiasco with the amount of Car Insurance companies who won't even give young drivers a second glance. However, more companies are starting to realise they can make money and forge lasting relationships with young drivers.

One such insurance provider is 4 Young Drivers, who you can find online at http://www.4youngdrivers.co.uk/. This company specialises in insuring young drivers over 19 with one year's no claims bonus. Even if you're under 19 and don't have a no claims bonus, they are confident they can get you a cheaper quote than anyone else out there.

They act as an insurance broker, with their team of experts scouring the market to find quotes from established and well respected insurers like AA-Zurich, Nu-Quinn Direct, Swinton Kwik Fit, and Swiftcover. Such is their level of search that they claim to cover 97% of the UK market.

Bringing your premium down as a young driver can also be helped by some small measures you can take yourself. Simple things like fitting an immobiliser and tracker will help bring your premium way down, as will opting to pay a higher excess in the event of an accident.

Have you also considered looking into "Pay as you go" Car Insurance? Lots of young drivers are finding savings can be made if they simply take out cover depending on the amount they drive, as there's no point spending thousands if you only drive at weekends!

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