Searching for cheap car insurance?

If you're looking for absolutely the cheapest quote possible on Car Insurance then we've got a few pointers for you that could save you even more time and money. It's all about playing the market to find the best quote!

Every man and his dog knows that finding the best cheap car insurance quote revolves around checking out price comparison sites, but why stop at just one? Often combining two or three of them to work in tandem is the key to getting the ultimate cheap quote for yourself.

To give an example of what we mean, Gocompare.com cover 61% of the market in a five minute search, while moneysupermarket.com cover 50% of the market in a five minute search. However, if you combine the two, they search through 145 providers, covering roughly 79% of the market, and giving you a world of choice to get a cheaper insurance quote.

Each has its own distinctive features, with Gocompare allowing you to customise searches, while Moneysupermarket include things like a mileage calculator and predictive occupation search. So it's worth having a play around with the various settings until you find one that lets you see the most unique quotes that the other site doesn't provide.

Even this method isn't foolproof however, as some insurers like Aviva and Direct Line don't allow their insurance products to be compared on these sites, so you need to check their sites out separately to get a quote from them. Do this, and you'll just about have covered the entire market!

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