Seaside fraud

It may have a nice beach, but seaside hotspot Brighton has recently been named the worst place in Britain for credit and debit card fraud.

An annual study by card insurance company CPP found that 38% people in the popular tourist destination claimed to have suffered card fraud at some point.

London was beaten into second place, while Manchester came third. There were also above average instances of card fraud in Leeds, Bristol, Southampton and Edinburgh.

The firm estimates that around 13 million Brits have been on the receiving end of card fraud. But one piece of positive news is that the number of people affected in 2010 was down on 2009 figures.

’ In 2010 we saw a 3% decrease in card fraud incidents in the UK compared to the previous year,’ explained CPP’s Sarah Blaney. ’This in itself is good news and shows how progress is being made to reduce the number of victims. In particular, online fraud has decreased, which could be a result of industry initiatives such as Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode.

’However, with card fraud costing the UK £440m a year, consumers still need to remain vigilant and not let their guard down.’

Of course, it very much pays for CPP to say that last part. Afterall, the firm is one of Britain’s leading suppliers of card protection products.

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