Check the top 5 secure investments

Safe as houses used to be an appropriate adage when it came to investment. Anybody who got into property tended to show a healthy profit. Now, with the property market slumping, that is one area of investment that is no longer yielding healthy returns. Cautious investors are casting around for secure investments in times of turmoil.

  1. National Savings & Investments (nsandi.com) are backed by the government, so are completely secure. Their index-linked savings certificates have now been withdrawn, which means the remaining products have interest rates which are unattractive. At least National Savings Premium Bonds have an element of excitement about them.
  2. There is a school of thought that suggests that investments with Northern Rock (northernrock.co.uk) are safer than most. The bank was once under threat, but since being nationalised is possibly more secure than any other High Street bank.
  3. Capital protected investments are available with a number of companies. They invest your cash in the stock market and return a share of the profits, while keeping your capital 100% safe. Returns will not be spectacular, and you have to be willing to tie up your cash, usually for 6 years.
  4. Gold is traditionally regarded as a safe haven, which is why so much money has been ploughed into gold recently. If you think there is still room for increased growth, it might be worth buying a few coins or ingots.
  5. The piggy bank. Zero interest might be a deterrent as may the ravages of inflation, but keeping your money in cash waiting for an opportunity is actually only mirroring what many major financial institutions are doing. Be aware though that many insurance policies will only cover the first £500 in the event of fire, which might make you wonder whether this really fits your idea of secure investments.

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