The best options for getting a secured personal loan in the UK

Are you wondering which company offers the best rate on a secured personal loan in the UK? Right now, one company is standing head and shoulders above all others when it comes to personal loans in the UK, and that company is Tesco Finance. In this blog we are going to check out the personal loans on offer from this fledgling financial institution.

Tesco Finance my be a recent competitor in the packed financial services market, but their offers are hugely impressive, with their secured personal loans particularly commendable. From their site at http://www.tescobank.com they offer the full slate of financial services you would expect from any bank. These services include Insurance, Credit Cards, Loans, Savings, Car Finance, and Travel Insurance. As you would expect from Tesco, their product is comprehensive yet outstandingly cheap.

Right now, Tesco Finance are offering a secured personal loan between £7,500 and £14,999 with an APR of just 7.4%, with no set up fees. This compares unbelievably well with most competitor banks who are offering rates in and around 9.9% on the same loans. The full range of loan products they are currently offering can be viewed on their site at http://www.tescobank.com/personal/finance/loans/.

Tesco don't mind what you use the money from your loan for, so it is perfect for anyone looking to pay for home improvements or to help replace an ageing car. Check them out today for a great deal on a secured personal loan!

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