Senior citizens travel insurance - the top insurers

Travel insurance is a must for all seniors going on holiday. The following are some of the best companies in the UK providing senior citizens travel insurance.

Insure and Go

Insure and Go provide excellent travel insurance policies for those over the age of 65. Their seniors travel insurance includes comprehensive cover for medical emergencies, personal accident and personal liability. They also cover baggage, personal belongings and cancellations. They also provide separate insurance policies for those over the age of 75.

Stay Sure

Stay Sure provide specialised travel insurance policies for the over 50s and have guaranteed low prices. They offer a range of options from short city break to a longer holiday. This includes annual, medical, long stay and winter sports travel insurance. Single trip insurance for 7 nights in Europe starts from just £4.99.

Saga Insurance

Saga is experts in providing travel insurance cover for people over the age of 50. They offer an extensive range of cover and cover most medical conditions. They have a free online medical screening service and allow you to buy a policy online even if you have an existing condition. They also have an online discount of up to 5%.

World First

World First provide travel insurance for the over 65's, 70's and senior citizens. They are committed to providing the best cover for travellers with pre existing conditions. They provide cover for senior citizens up to 100 years of age. All policies provide £5 million medical cover and cover for travel delays, cancellations and baggage loss.

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