Seniors travel insurance: price compare

Before choosing your seniors travel insurance you should compare all your options, as the quotes you receive from different companies will vary considerably. You'll also need to compare the actual policy provided by the insurer before you make your decision; the cheapest company isn't always guaranteed to provide the best level of cover.


Senior Travel Insurance Policies

Before you start using seniors travel insurances compare sites or comparison services you should make a quick list with the things you expect from the insurer. Write down the obvious, such as your age, medical conditions that need to be considered and what kind of trip you're going on (annual or a single trip).

Then think about any extras you need carefully; is flight cancellation cover important to you, or are you especially interested in medical cover? Having a list of these basic requirements will help you find the right provider and prevent you from applying for a company based on generalised information.


Senior Travel Insurances Price Compare

When you know the basics of what you want from your provider you can use price comparison sites, such as moneysupermarket or gocompare, to look at the kind of insurance premiums on offer. However, you should also take down the general prices provided from comparison websites.

Ring up the company and ask them for a quote directly; most seniors travel insurance is quoted on individual circumstances, so it may be different from the comparison site. Don't apply for the first cheap option you see - keep the name and number of the company and go back to it later.

You may also want to try looking at well-known providers who aren't on price comparison websites, such as SAGA, Staysure and Direct Travel Insurance. Talk to them directly and, again, write down the price they quote. You can then go through each insurance policy and make sure you find the cheapest, yet most beneficial, seniors travel insurance plan for you.

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