Settle your finances with a personal loan

If you're in Ireland and looking to apply for a personal loan with a great rate, then have you considered the loans on offer from your local Credit Union? They could save you a bundle on your loan application!

A lot of people overlook their humble Credit Union when it comes to loan applications and it's a shame as they can often completely blow away the packages on offer from other, larger financial institutions. The only drawback is that you have to be a member, but it isn't much of a drawback when you consider it only takes about ten minutes to join.

Credit Union loans are a better prospect for your personal finances thanks to the fact that their relatively small size allows them to tailor their loan packages in your favour, with more flexible rates and payment terms the general order of the day.

The terms of Credit Union loans are often fantastic and customers can expect to enjoy a stunning range of benefits including no hidden fees or transaction charges, fair and reasonable interest rates that are capped by the law, Repayments that are calculated on your reducing balance, so each payment means less interest the loan is insured at no extra cost to you, and you can pay the loan off early with a lump sum if you so wish.

You can apply for the loan at your local Credit Union, so just pop in to see them, and see what they can do for your personal finances!

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