Is it time to risk share investments?

It has always been the case that the investments with the best returns have involved a degree of risk. Savers who have been disappointed with meagre returns on their savings accounts for the last couple of years are now wondering whether it might be the right time to get into share investments.

The stock market, as represented by the FTSE 100 and the Dow Jones, hasn't exactly been encouraging. The struggles of various European states, coupled with the depressed US economy, has resulted in a very volatile summer of 2011 that has seen substantial falls on the markets.

This either represents a warning or an opportunity, depending on whose advice you want to follow. There are those who are suggesting that we are in for a lengthy period of depressed markets and further falls. Others believe that shares are now undervalued, and that it is the best time to invest.

You can invest your shares in a general fund, with an emphasis towards high-risk or low-risk strategies. In effect though this is placing all your trust in the FTSE averages. If you are interested in more specific share investments, you might like to follow the national newspapers' investment tips. These are rounded up in a handy digest on the www.thisismoney.co.uk website.

For specialist advice, Money Week (moneyweek.com) garners tips from City insiders and business analysts for informed opinion about likely share risers and fallers.

At present, with conflicting assessments of the global economic situation, share investments amount to a gamble. Perhaps the most logical approach is to open an account at williamhill.com and speculate a little on their day trader pages. At least you will get a thrill out of watching those share prices soar and swoop.


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