Shelling out

Bad news for Easter egg lovers – the rising price of cocoa and sugar will lead to a massive 140% price hike in the sugared treats this year.

The average rise, according to research by mySupermarket.co.uk. is just 21 %, but for some brands it is much higher.

The culprits? Well, a Galaxy Minstrels Egg is up from £2.50 to £6 – a 140% increase – while Cadbury's Twirl and Dairy Milk eggs have risen from £3.35 to £5.50, a 64% hike.

Dalia Mays, from mySupermarket.co.uk, said: ‘With Easter just around the corner and prices on the up, chocolate lovers need to watch out they don't get ripped off.’

Richard Dodd, of the British Retail Consortium, said: ‘A whole range of world commodities and production costs are considerably more expensive, and inevitably some of those increases are filtering through. Sugar and cocoa used in Easter eggs are among the commodities that have seen their costs go up. We can put these increases down to rising world demand relative to supply. Having said that, there are plenty of supermarkets providing cheap Easter eggs, so I would encourage people to be aware of these options before buying.’

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