Companies offering you short term car insurance

Looking to get yourself a car insurance policy but can't stretch as far as insuring your car for a full year? Perhaps the answer to your woes is by taking out a short term car insurance policy, as more and more drivers are discovering what these quality policies can do for them! In this blog, we are going to give you all the info you will need on these convenient policies.

Short Term Insurance Policies are handy for so many different needs. They are perfect for holiday car rental, taking a new car for an extended test drive, or maybe you are just a young driver looking to build up a body of safe, incident free driving, before trying to get a year's worth of cover. So, which companies are offering the best deals on short term insurance?

We suggest pointing your browser towards Aviva Insurance's comprehensive short term insurance policy section at http://www.aviva.co.uk/short-term-car-insurance/ and lets take a look at what they are offering. Aviva offer a handy product that can be organised online within minutes. It doesn't affect the No Claims discount on the vehicles main insurance policy, and it is also suitable for business use, except for hire and reward.

Conveniently, Aviva also offer a number of brilliant optional extras on their short term policies. These include Comprehensive cover for driving in Europe, and temporary breakdown cover, which keeps you protected in the event of an accident. We can't recommend them enough, so check them out today!

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