Save money with short term insurance for young drivers

If you've just bought your first car, you've probably just realised how expensive it will be to get on the road. Insurance companies just don't want to take a risk on young drivers, so you'll often find yourself in a position where your first year's Car Insurance costs more than your car!

With a lot of UK Insurance companies not even willing to entertain the idea of insuring a young driver, your options may seem limited. However, there is an option: short term insurance for young drivers. Why shell out thousands for a year's cover, when you can take it on in much more manageable chunks?

Short Term Car Insurance provides the best solution for young drivers, as it allows you to build up a history of safe driving, without breaking the bank. Once you've successfully completed a couple of months incident free, it will be MUCH easier to approach an Insurance company to attemp to to get a more reasonable twelve month quote from them.

Short Term policies in the United Kingdom vary in length from one day to six months. This can be used to pick up a new car from a dealership, or else put another named driver on your policy temporarily. It can also be taken out for trips abroad, with many insurers having specific short term policies designed just for this.

One such company we recommend checking out are www.markwallacepga.com. They specialise in providing short term insurance for young drivers, helping them to build up experience, leaving them in better position to secure long term cover eventually.

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