Short Term Loan: Instant Approval Credit Lenders

A short term loan from instant approval credit lenders are normally payday loans over 31 - 62 days. The amount you receive is less than long term loans because you're borrowing over a short period of time and, as a compromise on security checks for the instant decision, the lender won't be willing to offer more than £1000.

Wonga (http://www.wonga.com)

Wonga is a relatively new lender offering the most flexible short term loan with instant approval of all credit lenders. The application takes five minutes to complete and, if successful, the money is in your account within 15 minutes.

WageDayAdvance UK (http://www.wagedayadvance.co.uk/)

Wage Day Advance UK is an easy application to borrow between £80 to £400. Should no further checks be required and your application meets current credit reference records you'll be accepted instantly and the money is normally in your account on the same day.

Payday UK (http://www.paydayuk.co.uk/)

Payday UK boasts a 2 minute application process with an instant decision of credit between £80 to £750 over 31 days. Finance is charged at £20 per £100 borrowed from this lender.

LendingStream (http://www.lendingstream.co.uk/)

LendingStream offers finance over 1 or 2 months depending on the contract you apply for with a decision in minutes upon completion of the application. Approval might be slower if additional checks need to be completed but finance is normally available on the same day.

Cash Genie (http://www.cashgenie.co.uk/)

Cash Genie uses the latest technology to instantly approve application and quickly check all information. Even if you have to pass additional security checks the service is still speedy and reliable.

1 Month Loan (https://www.1monthloan.co.uk/index.php?)

With a handy customer page you can apply for a loan and, if extra checks need to be carried out, you can upload your documents directly to the secure area of the site for a quick instant decision on your application.

Swift Money (http://www.swiftmoney.org.uk/)

You could have £50 to £1000 in your account on the same day you submit your application with Swift Money's instant decision loan, even if additional checks are required.

Cash Generator

Cash Generator is a retail shop which trades in goods for cash but they also offer a short term loan service over a few months. If you have a cheque book and debit card you can receive you cash instantly after a few checks are performed.


Much like Cash Generator, the MoneyShop offers cheque book loans and debit card loans over a short period of time; you need to show wage slips and ID but will normally receive finance 15 minutes after enquiring.

QuickQuid (http://www.quickquid.co.uk/)

QuickQuid is another quick short term loan instant approval credit lenders offering up to £1500 to customers all week (even weekends). Again, additional checks may be required for the application but, if no checks are required, the decision for credit is instant.

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