Short term loans for students in the UK

Sometimes it’s hard to make ends meet when you’re earning a regular wage. When your income doesn’t come through on a monthly basis, as is the case for most students, you might need a short term bridging loan to keep you going. We look at the banks and other lenders to see who has the best short term loans for students in the UK.
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Payday loans

A lot is written about Payday loans and the issues you can get yourself into if you choose to borrow from a firm like Wonga or Quickquid, but there are no credit checks when you take money from these guys and you will be accepted. Wonga actually target students in their advertising, making claims like: “the problem with student loans is that they potentially encourage you to live beyond your means,” to make their form of short term loan seem reasonable.


If you need a little cash for a short amount of time, you’d be better of checking out smart-pig.com. These guys make short term loans like payday lenders but they aim specifically at the student market. The best thing with them is that the APR rates are typically far smaller than those advertised by Wonga and Quickquid, so rather than paying back at a 4000% rate, you’ll be looking at something like 700%.

Instant same-day loans

Every loan that we look at here is an instant same-day loan. This flexibility often leads to a high interest rate but that’s not the case with onstride.co.uk. Loans are typically around the 90% APR rate, which is still high for a personal loan. With this sort of loan you’ll have to manage your money as these guys pay out a lump sum that’s paid back over 1, 2 or 3 years. This means that if you get yourself into financial difficulties within this period, you could find yourself turning to a payday lender in the end.

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