Different types of short term loans available in Ireland

There are many different ways of getting your hands on short term loans in Ireland. Short term loans are fantastic if you have to cover a big expense like a trip to the doctors, a major shopping spree or even a last minute holiday.

Friends and relatives are often a good place to look first in your quest for a short term loan in Ireland. If they have the means, friends and family will often be only too happy to help you out with a short term loan.

One of the biggest advantages to a loan from friends and relatives is the lender rarely charges interest and the repayment plan can be very flexible; if they're not under pressure to get the money back.

If you're in a steady job, your employer could be in a position to give you a short term loan in Ireland. Many employers will be willing to give you a short term because they're in charge of your finances and they can easily make the repayment for you when payday arrives.

Of course, the banks also provide thousands of people with short term loans in Ireland. If you require a large short term loan this is usually the best place to look because friends, relatives and employers will often not be in a position to offer large sums of money.

However, the length of time it takes banks to approve short term loans and the rate of interest they charge often put people off seeking financial assistance from banks.

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