Short Time Car Insurance in the UK

If you need temporary or short time car insurance in the UK then a 12 month plan or policy would cover you for longer than you need, and cost more when you're not using the car as often as a 12 month policy covers. There's a few reasons why you might need temporary short time car insurance in the UK, but luckily there are a few providers who now offer short term car insurance for different circumstances.


Additional Drivers

If someone is driving your car for a short time then you might end up losing you no-claims bonus or have to fork out an extra 12 month policy to insure an additional driver. With short time/term car insurance in the UK, you could cover the driver for a small period of time, often without losing your no-claims bonus.


Driving Someone Else's Car

If you're intending to drive someone else's car for a short period of time then you might need to take out a short time car insurance policy. You might be driving a friend or relative's car for the day or for a week, but taking out a longer plan really won't help costs if you're not intending to use the car again.


One Day Car Insurance

One of the newer and popular forms of short time car insurance in the UK is one day car insurance, which, as the name suggests, insures a driver for one day for one vehicle. This cover is a cost effective solution for temporary drivers and also comes with added flexibility; if you're planning on driving a vehicle for 6 days exactly then you could probably find a flexible plan that covers you for the 6 days, not for a fixed period of time according to their policies.


Extended Cover and Conditions

You should always ask the short time car insurance UK insurer whether you can extend the policy at any time and what kind of restrictions apply to the cover. In some instances age restrictions may apply, or you may not be able to extend the cover should there be any reason to (i.e., breaking down and requiring an additional day of insurance). You'll also have to check your covered to drive certain vehicles if you need to hire another kind of motor for a short period of time, such as driving a large van.


Short Time Insurance: UK Providers

Below is a list of some of the most flexible and affordable short term car insurance providers; before buying, make sure you check all restrictions and compare policies to find the best match for you and your circumstances.

Day Insure (http://www.dayinsure.com/)

Aviva (http://www.aviva.co.uk/short-term-car-insurance/summary-of-cover.html)

Swinton (http://www.swinton.co.uk/car/shortterm/)

Cornhill Direct (http://www.cornhilldirect.co.uk/carinsurance/short-term-temporary-car-insurance.asp)

Temp Cover (http://www.tempcover.com)

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