Should I invest in Greece?

The Greek economy has had its fair share of problems over the years, particular in the days surrounding the government debt crisis of 2010. What goes up must surely come down and investors are hoping the reverse for the Greek economy so is this the right time to invest in Greece?
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Emerging markets

You’re probably thinking about putting your cash into one of the world’s emerging markets. In a lot of ways this is a very safe bet. Places like Argentina, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Taiwan will offer good returns over the medium to long term. Frontier markets are another option but you’ll be risking your cash if you put it into somewhere like Pakistan, Bangladesh or Zambia. This is why Greece actually starts to make sense as a destination for your hard earned money.

Greek stocks to consider

The National Bank of Greece is the country’s largest bank. Analysts often compare it to Citibank and Bank of America because the bank’s 22% operating margin is similar. Another stock that’s interesting investors is Tsakos Navigation or TNP. They are the largest oil tanker owner and operator in Greece. They’re managed by an experienced team who return more than solid financial numbers. Dry Ships are the third stock worth your consideration. This is shipping stock so you’ll be exposed to volatility in the share price due to an excess supply of shipping capacity. The firm owns 42 dry bulk carriers that can carry 4.4 million tons and 10 tankers with 1.3 million tons capacity.


Investment in Greece has been falling continuously since 2007. Cuts in public spending have affected industry and wages decreased for a time. Not though things are looking up so Greece could be the place to put your cash. The country’s support from the international financial community, it’s great shipping businesses and its attraction as a tourist destination appear to be pulling Greece from the red towards the black once more.

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