Find the latest scrap silver prices per gram

Known in science as the element Ag, with an atomic number of 49, silver is quickly becoming an even more valuable commodity than it has ever been before. Chemically comparable to gold, the two are ideal for creating jewellery or for use in industry thanks to their malleable properties.

Silver is an extremely versatile metal, finding much use in the world of industry. Thanks to its unparalleled level of both thermal and electrical conductivity, it is essential in the creation of electrical device. It even has the surprising ability to kill bacteria, which offers some insight to just how truly useful it is to us.

Historically, gold has always been worth in or around sixteen times the value of the game weight in silver, although this depends on the carat value of the gold in question. Usually traded in amounts known as Troy Ounces, the price on offer for scrap silver depends on a number of factors.

Firstly, and most importantly, is the purity of the silver itself. Similarly to gold which is measured in carats, silver is measured in a purity scale that ranges from 500 to 999 for acceptable scrap silver. 500 Silver is 50% pure, 800 Silver is 80% pure and so on up to 999 Silver which is 99.9% pure.

The difference in price between 50% and 99.9% solver is more than 100%, with the current minimum market value for scrap 50% Silver standing at £0.31 per gram, or £9.64 per Troy Ounce, and the current minimum market value for 99.9% Silver standing at £0.69 per gram, or £21.46 per Troy Ounce.

When selling your scrap silver, it is always a good idea to check the current silver prices per gram on a website like www.gold-traders.co.uk before you call into the store, this will give you a much stronger bargaining position should the owner try to low ball you for your scrap.

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