Get the best single trip breakdown in Europe coverage

So, you're planning a once off trip to the continent and you've decided that you want to cover yourself for any eventuality, but can't justify the cost of an annual multi trip coverage policy for breakdowns? We can certainly understand where you're coming from.

Insurance of any kind always seems like a dreadful waste of money when things go right, making people wary of spending money on potentially unnecessary cover. However let's take a look at the alternative for a moment.

You decide to travel without taking any additional cover, and your vehicle breaks down miles from civilisation on a quiet back road somewhere in Europe. You don't know the area and you've been relying solely on your satellite navigation system to direct you to your destination. You have no idea of who to call; everyone you know is back home and you don't know the number for any local breakdown or repair services. Worse still, you don't speak the language, and even if another helpful soul passes by soon, you've got very little chance of explaining your problem to him.

Yes, it's a nightmare scenario, but it's one that many people find themselves in every year. Fortunately it's also one that can be avoided for a relatively low cost.

Many of the UK's top insurance companies offer single trip breakdown in Europe coverage to help you avoid any situations like the one above. We've gone through them all, and the best we've found was, somewhat unsurprisingly, from The AA.

They offer drivers 24 hour English speaking assistance, emergency car hire, cover for emergency accommodation, emergency roadside assistance and repair, full vehicle recovery and return to the UK, legal protection of up to £75,000, and up to £2,000 cover for a single trip.

All this costs a mere £10.69 per day, making it not only the most comprehensive, but also the cheapest deal we've found from a reliable, reputable company.

For more information check out www.theaa.com and don't get caught out on your trip.

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