What You Need to Know About Single Mother Grants

The Family Welfare Association (FWA) offers single mother grants to those who are in dire need of financial assistance as the result of an emergency or crisis. The grants paid are usually between £100 and £200 and can cover the costs of clothing, essential items such as beds, washing machines and other household needs. The FWA cannot provide grant money to help with council tax arrears or to help repay bank or government loans. The FWA single mother grants must be applied for by a person in a professional capacity such as a Citizen's Advice Bureau advisor or a social worker.

The FWA are also in charge of the Educational Grants Advisory Service (EGAS) who provide financial assistance to students. There are single mother grants available for women who are full-time students and who are struggling to meet the costs of their education as well as their day-to-day living expenses. The EGAS require a statement of fact from the person's course tutor who will then send the application to the grant service for consideration.

The Family Services Unit (FSU) works with low-income families primarily in the inner cities of Scotland and England. Their single mother grants are limited and depend on a recommendation from a FSU socialworker. FSU grants are usually around £300 and are designed to help families who are without the absolute essentials.

Single parent charity Gingerbread do not offer single mother grants but they do offer a valuable advice service. They have a freephone advice line where trained advisors can help parents with issues such as benefits claims, debt problems and child maintenance issues.

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