Don't take off without ski racing insurance

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Ski racing insurance can be added to single trip and multi trip travel insurance policies with most insurance providers for a small fee. If you're planning on going skiing this year, it's highly recommended that you look into adding ski racing insurance to your travel insurance policy.

A wide number of skiing and wintersports activities are usually included under ski racing insurance. Guided cross country skiing, glacier skiing, mono skiing, off piste skiing and snowboarding, recreational racing, skiing and snow sledging will all be covered by a good ski racing insurance policy.

One thing to be careful about with ski racing insurance is if an area is deemed as unsafe by a skiing instructor or school, many travel insurance providers will not cover it under their policy and if you injure yourself, you'll be the one who has to foot the bill.

There are many benefits to ski racing insurance. Medical cover is one of the key benefits. It entitles the policy holder to medical cover for hospital treatments for ski related injuries. It also provides cover for emergency medical repatriation.

It will include cover for the cancellation of the skiing holiday for specified reasons. If you arrive on the slopes and find all the snow has melted and have to go home, it's a huge relief to know that you won't be hit in the pocket because of it.

All good ski racing insurance policies will also provide cover for baggage and ski equipment. If any of your possessions happen to be stolen or lost while skiing, you should be fully covered by your skiing insurance.

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