Skipton Building Society

Banks are not exactly flavour of the month right now as they try to get their ducks back in a row. Many of the big banks are choosing to introduce additional fees to add to customers woes. For these reasons many people are turning to building societies to take care of their financial needs. Lets take a closer look at Skipton Building Society and the products they have to offer.

Products and Services

Skipton Building Society is the fourth largest building society in the UK and there are over 100 branches nationwide. Their customer base is growing at a steady rate and they now have a series of products and services to meet those customers needs. Skipton have partnered with other organisations in order to provide products like car and home insurance. Skipton also have services like will writing, power of attorney, life cover and even funeral planning.

There are plenty of saving and investment options available through Skipton. There are savings accounts for adults and children as well as investment ISAs where you can invest stocks and shares. Skipton provide online banking with 4 different account typpes: E-Saver, E-Bonds, Online Cash ISA and Online Bonus Cash ISA. This range of products means that Skipton are a match for any bank and their customers can do plenty with their money without incurring fees.

Skipton offer a range of moragage options including first time buyer morgages, buy to let morgages and 2 year discount morgages. They also have 2 year base rate tracker morgages which will revert to Residential Mortgage Variable Rate once the tracker term expires. Their fixed rate morgages give you the peace of mind that your morgage will be paid over either a 2, 3, 5 or 10 year term.

Free Financial Advice

Skipton Building Society pride themselves on providing financial advice to their customers. Planning how you spend your money and when to save and invest it can affect your financial credit rating and well being. Having access to this free financial advice can make the difference between being financially comfortable or struggling.

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