Take a look at what Skipton savings accounts have to offer

In the current financial climate, taking care of your cash is more important than ever – and that means opening a savings account is uppermost on many people’s minds.

The Skipton has various savings accounts aimed at a wide range of consumers. We took a closer look at some of the building society’s offerings.

  • Branch Access Account – This is an ideal account for savers who like to bank in branch, as opposed to via the internet. It pays interest at 1.45 per cent Annual Equivalent Rate which includes a 0.5 per cent bonus rate for the first six months. To start up an account, the minimum deposit is £50, while the maximum opening and operating balance is £1 million. You can pay money in using cash, debit card or cheques.
  • Regular Saver Account – Perfect for short term goals such as saving for a car, wedding, or dream holiday as the maximum you can save in the account is £6,000. It pays a generous 3.25 per cent gross/ AER fixed for 12 months and you can open the account with anything up to £500 by cash, cheque or transfer. You can make as many or as few deposits as you like, but cannot exceed £500 in any month. This is suitable for savers who want to lock their money away as withdrawals are not permitted during the fixed rate period.
  • Telephone Saver Account – Phone banking is a great midway point between branch accounts and online banking. You can open this account with £1 upwards and the maximum allowed is £1 million. Annual interest is paid at one per cent gross/ AER on balances of £1 to £9,999, two per cent on £10,000 to £24.999 and 2.25 per cent on balances of £25,000 or more.

As with all banks and building societies, terms and conditions apply to Skipton savings accounts so it’s worth checking out the website at Skipton.co.uk.

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