Get off the ground with small business loans Ireland

Looking to get your business off the ground? Perhaps the best way to back up your idea with capital is by taking out a small business loan in Ireland. If you intend to do it, there's literally never been a better time, as Ireland continues to rebound from a few grisly economic years.

Banks may have all but closed the purse strings there for a few years, but the good news is that they are beginning to loosen, and the pressure is on from the government to get Ireland working again by introducing some enticing offers for small business loans.

One such offer is currently on the table from Bank of Ireland, who are offering their business loans from 50,000 to 300,000 Euro for interest rates ranging from 6.24%, all the way down to 4.74% for the bigger loans. An inviting rate we think you'll agree!

Subscribers to a Bank of Ireland business loan can expect a range of phenomenal extras too. These extras include a decision on around 50% of all loans instantly, with 87% of applications approved, the ability to apply online, the presence of a Business Adviser in every branch, and the flexibility to structure payments to meet your circumstances.

Applying for the Business Loan online is easy, you just need to point your browser at http://www.bankofireland.com/applications/business_overdraft_app/loan_form.html and fill in the short application form. At the very worst you'll have a decision within 24-48 hours. Best of luck with your business venture!

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