Are you looking for a great offer on small deposit mortgages?

Are you desperately trying to secure a dream home for yourself but can't afford the awful value on offer from most mortgages? If so, then this blog could be all for you as we check out which banks are currently offering the best deals on small deposit mortgages.

Ever since the financial word was turned on its head in 2008, prospective homeowners have been having a howler when it comes to trying to secure favourable terms on a mortgage. Deposits required to secure a mortgage have been steadily rising, but if you point your browser towards Money Supermarket's excellent Mortgage round up page at http://www.moneysupermarket.com/mortgages/ you can check out their huge range of low deposit mortgage offers.

Money Supermarket act as a broker to get you the best possible deal on their mortgage, and they have turned up an offer from HSBC, who are offering an 85% mortgage with a special initial interest rate for two years of 2.79%. The overall cost of the mortgage in real A.P.R terms is 3.9% and there are £1499 of fees involved. Unfortunately this mortgage does have an early repayment charge on it, so proceed with caution.

Another offer they have turned up is with the Yorkshire Building Society and they are offering a mortgage with an initial rate of 3.24% for two years fixed. This mortgage offer runs for two years, with the A.P.R rising back up to 4.8% after that period. There are just £595 of fees on this mortgage, so it represents excellent value.

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