Solar energy's so low cost benefits

The Energy Savings Trust (EST) has found that the saving for households that have solar panels installed on their roofs works out at only £70 a year.

The trust had previously estimated that annual savings were in the region of £120 a year, almost double the amount.

Many Brits who have signed up to a 'rent a roof' scheme, giving free solar panels for savings on electricity bills, will now have to reconsider the real cost of the panels, especially as many of the schemes lock you into a 25-year contract.

'Rent a roof' schemes typically involve a free installation of solar panels, then in exchange the company keeps income generated from the surplus energy by selling back to the national grid – often generating £1,000 a year.

Rosalyn Foreman of the EST said: 'We followed trials of other technologies which you'd expect to export much less back to the grid than solar panels, but they showed lower levels of electricity used on site than expected, so we've altered our expectations of solar accordingly.

'While these are typical estimates, it's quite possible that someone could save more than £70 if they were at home in the day or set all their appliances to run in daylight hours.'

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