Solar so low

If you think putting a solar panel on your roof will slash your energy bills, perhaps think again.

An undercover investigation by Which? magazine has found that sales personnel from many of the top solar panel firms routinely contravene industry codes with their sales tactics, failing to inform customers of key pieces of information and leading the customer to think that the equipment costs more than it actually does.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, installing a solar panel could in theory make you a profit of £28,000 over a 25-year period. But this is only if your house is placed in a sunny location with no shade and facing due south. The investigation found that none of the companies took the location of the house into account, treating Cumbria the same as if it were Cornwall.

Richard Lloyd, Which? Executive director, said: 'It seems extraordinary that the Government’s rules require companies to ignore whether you live in Cornwall or Scotland when working out how long it’ll take to pay for the solar panels. It’s obvious that the more sun you get, the faster the payback. The Government has to put this right.'

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