Sometimes you just have to ask

A comedian who made an appeal on YouTube to be given $1 million, seems to have had his wish granted by a mystery benefactor.

Craig Rowan has made several pleas for the cash, which have been viewed by thousands.

'Millionaires, listen up, I have a proposition. You have millions and millions of dollars. Please give me a million,' he said.

'I don't need it for anything specific, but I think it would be awesome. I haven't thought that through yet. I might at least go on a trip to start'.

However, one philanthropist has taken the request seriously and stumped up the cash. Rowan received a letter and phone call from a man calling himself Benjamin, who offered to hand over the sum.

The mystery character is due to hand over a cheque for the money on 2 February in a theatre in Boston.

'It still hasn't sunk in yet,' the 27-year-old comic said.

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