Space invaders

It's a sign of the times that many of us have so much stuff that we literally don't know what to do with. Hungry for space, Brits spend £350 million a year on storing belongings they've got no room for yet seemingly can not live without.

Accordingly, big factory sized building stacked with windowless cubicles for housing your stuff are popping up everywhere. You could be downsizing to a smaller property, returning home after university, or a business person needing space for stock. The UK has an estimated 800 such sites, most within the M25. In the USA, however, there are 58,000 storage facilities, worth an estimated £15 billion a year.

And with the average stay in self-storage 38 weeks, they're doing quite a lucrative trade, with the average cost of 100sq ft for a year being £2,197.

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