Speakers: dock and roll

Choosing a speaker dock for your MP3 player isn’t the easiest of tasks, as the market for them has grown so much in recent years. We take a look at the speakers that give you most bang for your buck, and where to get them from.

The Gear4 StreetParty 3, battery and mains operated speaker, can be used with most MP3 players and Ipods, and is one of the best priced docks available. You can get it for up to £39.97, but the Richer Sounds offer it at a bargain beating £19.95.

Logitech are always a good bet, and their Pure-fi Anywhere 2 and S715i have received rave reviews in What Hi-Fi? priced at £69.95 and £99.95 at Richer Sounds respectively.

Asda are selling the Intempo Perform, featuring FM radio and clock, as well as an alarm with sleep functions and a remote control for just £59.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for something more expensive, the Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin retails for £389.99, but by using voucher code company Savoo you can get a discount at Best Buy, making the overall price a not to be sniffed at £299.99.

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