How to spend less on your weekly shop

How can you spend less on your weekly shop? It's a question that many families have been asking ever since the credit crunch began in 2008 and we all started looking for ways to tighten our belts. Here are some top tips for saving money and shopping smarter in the supermarkets...

How to spend less on your weekly shop

Choose your store wisely - Some supermarkets are cheaper than others (for example, you'll probably pay less per basket in LIDL than you would in Waitrose), so it's a good idea to choose your regular wisely. However bear in mind that the cost of travelling and the amount of time you use to get to a further away store may nullify any difference. Shopping around on a product-by-product basis is likely to be counter-productive, especially if you have to travel between a number of different stores.

Buy in bulk (within reason) - It's usually cheaper to buy products that you use a lot of in bulk. For example, buying a six pack of kitchen roll will usually be cheaper than buying three two-packs over the course of a couple of months. However, only bulk buy products that you'll actually use, and always check the price per kilogram for any anomalies.

Rethink branded products - A lot of supermarket's own brands are actually produced by well known brands. So what's in a branded box may be almost identical to what's in a store branded box. Only it'll be a lot more expensive! Try a cheaper or an unbranded box next time - you might just be pleasantly surprised.

Try online shopping - One of the best ways to spend less on your weekly shop is to shop online. It's easy to price compare goods and you'll be less likely to impulse buy tasty looking treats! Just check out the delivery charges before you fill your virtual basket so there are no nasty surprises at the end.

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