Sports fan bags £11k Olympics tickets

A sports fan who bid £36,000 for tickets for the Olympics has had to have a word with his credit card company after winning £11,000 worth of tickets this week.

Insolvency practitioner Stephen Hunt said that he is prepared to ‘scrimp and save’ in order to witness the full glory of the London 2012 Olympics.

Hunt won a third of his total bid, when about a 250,000 people applied and got nothing.

Mr Hunt will now have to wait until 24 June to find out which events he’ll be watching, but he confidently hopes to have secured one of the ‘big three’ events – the opening and closing ceremony, or the 100m final.

After winning more tickets than they expected, Hunt and his partner were tempted to reject some of what they had won. But in the end they decided to go for it in true Olympian spirit.

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