Stamps stamped out in Denmark

Could the stamp soon be a thing of the past? In Denmark from next month you’ll be able to send letters using a code obtained in a text message.

Once a code is received you need to transcribe it onto the letter in place of a stamp. Then you just pop it in the letter box like you normally would.

The cost of the postage and the text message is then added to your mobile bill.

The code is valid for a week and for now it is only applicable to domestic mail within Denmark.

Morten Nielsen of the Danish postal service said: ‘The basic idea is that you sent a text message and in a few minutes you will get a text message back with some digits.

’We all know the situation where you have written a postcard or a letter and you just need a stamp. Now we are trying to make it easier for our customers.’

As modernity strikes, will the move prove a mortal blow for the humble stamp? Only time will tell us.

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