We check out how you can get starting up your own Business Grants

Have you got an unbelievable business idea, but you are just lacking the capital to get it off the ground? More and more Britons are trying their hand at setting up their own business, and it is being made possible by the provisions of grants from the government to help you out. In this blog we are going to check out your options for starting up your own Business Grants.

The grants that will be available to your business are somewhat limited in scope. You will only really be accepted for the grant if your company is one that is involved with research and development, innovation, or else in involved with making life better at local level for people. Since coming in, the European Union has stopped the granting of business grants to everyday businesses in the UK, so the onus will very much be on you to show why you should be getting a grant.

The grants that are available to you can be found at smallbusiness.co.uk. One of the strings attached to these grants is that they can only be for businesses still at the planning stage, and generally the grant you will receive will be a percentage of the total project cost on a so-called "Matched Funding basis". The grants will also be different in Scotland and Wales.

All grants are open to companies with staff numbers that are below 250. Expect to have to give a detailed project description with your grant application, and to have to list all of the potential benefits of your company's work! Best of luck!


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