Emerging Stocks to Buy for 2014

Rather than write about purchasing stocks from reliables like Google and Apple we are going to focus on emerging firms that are forecasted to perform well in 2014. With these stocks to buy for 2014 you could potentially see far greater return for your investment if things go to plan for these companies.

Three Companies for 2014

Our first recommendation on which stocks to buy for 2014 is from the ultra competitive car market. Tesla Motors, based in California, design and manufacture a number of classy and stylish electic vehicles. As electric power points to charge vehicles become more widespread in 2014 the uptake on electric cars will continue to grow and Tesla are expected to be at the forefront of the propogation of electric cars because of their attractive looks.

As the recovery shoots of economic recession start to sprout more green, housing markets around Europe and abroad are beginning to gather some pace again. Swedish appliance makers Electrolux will be one of the firms to benefit from more new homeowners looking for electrical appliances like diswashers, washing machines and dryers. Expect Electrolux to grow further in 2014 with forecasted growth of between 9 - 10% over the year.

Kerry Group, based in Ireland, is an emerging player in the international food industry supplying technology based ingredients and flavours to a growing number of food and beverage companies. Kerry Group has experienced steady growth since its inception and this growth has sped up quite a bit in recent years through a series of shrewd acquisitions. Kerry Group stocks could rise as much as 15% in 2014 and the way the company has been going about its business this could be an achievable projection.

Caveat Emptor

Finally a warning, when it comes to these stocks to buy for 2014 you need to back up our suggestions with plenty of your own research. Unfortunately, there are no sure things in the world of business and a number of environmental factors can transpire against a growing company in any given year to set them back.

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