What are the stocks to watch?

The best way of making money on the stock exchange comes from knowing when to invest and when to sell your stock? How do you know what stocks to watch? And where can you get the latest information so you ensure you are in the right place at the right time.

If you work with a financial advisor then they will be able to advise you on what to watch, and in some cases make the choices for you. This takes some of the risk off you but does mean that you are trusting people with your money; this might put some people off.

Websites such as Market-watch.com offers advice, not only on stocks and shares but also on companies and the most effective ways to diversify any portfolio that users have.

The site displays stories on the latest market figure sand all the latest news, it can allow users to check a check on their figures from the comfort of their own office.

The Yahoo finance page is worth having a look at for the latest figures.  Again it carries a lot of stories relating to financial matters in general, but it is worth looking at for basic information.

Wallstcheatsheet.com offers a comprehensive look at the latest stocks and shares prices. The site lists all of the latest products as well as keeping readers up to date on existing products and companies getting ready to float on the market.

Because the site has the name Wall Street on it, people connect it with the stock market directly and it gives the impression of being well thought of and respected by the financial community.

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