Strange Insurance Policies and Crazy Travel Insurance Claims

Sometimes we get a laugh out of the wacko travel insurance claims people come up with. Or what about some of the odd reasons people will take out personal insurance policies for? Well here we've got a list of our favourites. But beware, don't laugh too much if you're not covered yourself!

The first weird policy being cinemagoers that were insured against death from excessive laughter at the movies! Lloyd's, being the insurer, have seen many odd policies as the most popular insurer in London for such cases.

The risk of an actress falling in love, getting hitched and therefore not being able to fulfill her contract, was another motive for a million dollar policy taken out with Lloyd's in the early 1900's.

Speaking of actresses, it was Bette Davis' waistline that was insured against the risk of expansion, and consequently harming her career that also warranted insuring.

More recently, a woman by the name of Mary was concerned in the year of 1999 that she could be at risk of an immaculate conception in the mayhem that was to be the millennium and so covered herself for the following year of 2000 to the tune of £1m.

I know these all seem like quite funny instances, but what if it were exactly the opposite at stake? Comedian Rich Hall insured a 'permanent loss of humour' for £1m in 2001.

I'm sure there wasn't any humour involved when a British woman had her claim rejected as she tried to claim back the cost of her new skis on her travel insurance. When she arrived at her ski resort, she was less than pleased to find there was not enough of the white stuff to enjoy her holiday, and assumed she ought to be reimbursed for Mother Nature's slack organisational skills!

Another elderly traveller claimed for 'lost baggage' or rather, lost dentures! The dentures were literally spat overboard as the pensioner fell-ill and vomited overboard on a cruise. Well, I suppose that would be quite an inconvenience not being able to eat properly unless they packed a spare set, although after being so sick you spit your teeth out, I don't know how they could have much of an appetite at all.

It was some pretty strong tongues that did the damage to the paintwork of a car, as two holiday makers found themselves being ambushed by a herd of licking cows in Devon. I wonder what flavour it was?!

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