What Student Bank Accounts Freebies are Offered

Searching around for the right student account is important but there are a number of things that you should factor into your decision. The overdraft is the most important but there are now many banks that will offer the same deal. When it comes to this, you’ll need to start considering student bank accounts freebies.

There are many different freebies that banks will offer to entice students. HSBC offer a free online budget calculator to use and two years of worldwide travel insurance. This is an excellent option for those who are planning on travelling during their summer holidays. The travel insurance is only available for those who are in their first year of study. Students are also able to earn interest on the first £1000 in their account for their first year at university.

Barclays also offer a number of student bank accounts freebies; the main one being the opportunity to save £75 on a new mobile phone or tablet that is bought from Phones4U. There is also 10% off of student possessions insurance, which could mean that students are paying just £3.02 per month for it. The prices are all as of July 2011.

Halifaxunderstands that some students will have cars and breakdown cover is essential. To help with this, they are able to offer 25% off AA breakdown cover for students that take out one of their student accounts. They can also offer 20% off their Card Care, which is their card protection service to cover credit and debit cards at home or abroad.

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