Student contents insurance deals

Most people don't think they need student contents insurance if they're moving out, but sometimes your parent's policy won't include you if you move out as a student. Some policies do include this, so you need to check first. If you move into halls you should also check whether contents insurance is already provided as some residential halls do include contents insurance in the rent.


Why do I need student contents insurance?

If you're not covered under your parent's content insurance then you'll most likely need to buy your own. Most students have a lot of valuables at university, such as a laptop, television, mobile phone and other electronics. The average student, according to insurance provider Endsleigh, owns over £4,000 worth of personal belongings.

What would happen to all these items if they were damaged due to fires, storms, vandalism or burst pipes? You'd have to pay for it out of your own pocket. And if any of these items got stolen, you'll have to do the same. Most student contents insurance covers for these kind of occurrences so you won't have to dig into your student loan to replace essential university items.


Am I likely to ever claim?

Unfortunately, students are often the target of some theft and vandalism. That's why student halls have better security than other areas, because thieves know they'll have a laptop or two they can take. Although we're not saying you're guaranteed to be the victim of a robbery as a student, it's definitely something to consider.


What policy do I need?

When you apply for student contents insurance you need to check the small print and think about where you'll be staying. Some policies, for example, won't cover you in a robbery wasn't forced entry. If you think there could be a chance a thief could enter your halls without forcing entry, look for insurance covering that.

Make sure your policy will cover all items of value you take with you and that you're not just covered for items in your room. You should also try to get flexible insurance policies that offer a range of customisable cover and payment options, just to make life a little bit easier.


Who can I get student contents insurance from?

Currently Endsleigh offers the best student contents insurance and is recommended by most universities. Get a quote of these guys first before you ask other companies.

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