The Student Grants in 2011 are Available to You

Different institutions in the United Kingdom are offering different student grants in 2011. Each will have their own amounts that they will offer and will ask for different types of information to support your study. You will need to apply to your own country for the right type of student grants in 2011.

English students need to pay both tuition fees and maintenance costs, so the English education authorities will give two different types of loans out. The tuition fee loans are paid directly to the universities but the maintenance portion will be paid into your bank account. This is worked on your parents’ income, for most students, or on what you earned the year previous.

Scottish students don’t need to pay for tuition fees so their grants are worked out a little differently. They are only entitled to one type of loan but they will gain different grants, which can make up part of the loan. The Independent Student Grant and the Young Person Grant are two options that you can select to apply for. There are different criteria that you must meet otherwise your parents’ income is taken into account; depending on your age and where you have lived for the previous three years.

Welsh and Irish Students can take loans, similar to those in England. However, there are different requirements that the students must meet. The tuition is subsidised for students from these countries so it is worth checking to see the type of tuition fee loan that is available.

There are also private grants and bursaries available. The British Military is able to offer a bursary for those studying an engineering or science degree for those who are looking at going to Sandhurst, Cranwell or Dartmouth after university. Nurses and doctors are also able to get bursaries to help them through their studies.

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