Figure out exactly where you stand with a Student Loan calculator

Trying to figure out your future may seem like an enormous task when you're just about to finish in secondary school, but the choices you make now will determine the course of your life for the next few years. Even if you do make a decision that doesn't work out for you, there is nothing to stop you from changing your mind down the line and, for example, picking a different course to study.

It seems slightly ironic that these are usually the major concerns of secondary school students, while the one thing that will really have a lasting effect on their future, finances, are often forgotten about, or at the very least pushed into the background so that they can focus on other, more pressing matters.

Unfortunately, unless your parents are going to support you completely as you make your way through third level education, the likelihood is that you are going to need to apply for a student loan of some description in order to help you make it all the way through to graduation.

Many people take this for granted, viewing it as free money and wasting it on non essentials, but the reality of the situation is that unless you are wise with it you risk plunging yourself into debt before you have even gotten your first full time job.

Everyone is entitled to a different amount of money, depending on their circumstances, when it comes to student loans. Obviously these can be supplemented with additional loans from financial institutions, but it is best to avoid this where absolutely possible.

You can figure out exactly how much you are entitled to from your student loan by checking out www.studentfinance.direct.go.uk/calculator/studentfinancecalculator/1011 and making use of their excellent student loan calculator.

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