All You Need to Know About Student Loan Grants

A maintenance grant is designed for full-time students and helps with a student's living costs. In order to apply for this grant your household income must be less than £50,020. The maintenance grant varies from student to student and their specific financial needs. However, the maximum a person can receive is £2,096. For a student to get the maximum grant their household income should be less than £25,000.

Other student loan grants include the special support grant, this is usually given in place of the maintenance grant and you qualify if you are currently receiving income support or housing benefit. You may also qualify if you are a single parent, you have certain disabilities or you have a partner who is also a student. It is however, classed as extra income when other benefits, such as tax credits, are being calculated.

If you are a part-time student, you may also qualify for various student loan grants. The course grant and fee grant is available for students who have a household income of £28,066 or less. The fee grant is available to help students with the cost of their tuition. The course grant helps with travel costs as well as the cost of essential items such as books and other materials.

There is also a selection of student loan grants available for disabled students and students over a certain age. Applying for these grants is straightforward and information is available on the government website or via their telephone service.

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