Thinking about a student loan from Natwest?

Unfortunately, Natwest's brilliant Student and professional loan service student loan NatWest has been withdrawn from the market, and they are no longer able to accept new applications. However, this doesn't mean Natwest don't have other brilliant services to offer students.

Natwest are one of the UK's biggest banks, and they are well aware that if they offer a fantastic product to Students now, these same students will likely stay with the bank forever. In fact, the unrivalled Interest free overdraft and Student Credit Card they offer, could even make up for their lack of student loan product.

If you sign up for a Student current account, you'll be eligible for the 1,000 pounds interest free overdraft in your first year. This rises to 1.250 in year two, 1,500 in year three, 1,750 in year four, and up to a whopping 2,000 pounds in year five. All they ask to maintain the overdraft is that you make regular use of the account by paying money in every three months, and taking money out three times per month.

They also offer a Student Credit Card with a limit of up to 500 pounds. The card brings with it up to 56 days interest free credit, and some brilliant extras like discounts on CDs, sports gear, travel guides, gadgets and short breaks. Typical 18.9% APR (variable).

The account also lets you top of your mobile phone from any of their cash machines, as well as offering 300 pounds emergency cash from your account if you lose your card, or it gets stolen.

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