Student Loans: Important Dates for 2011

If you're studying in September on a higher education course in the UK and applying for student loans there are a few important dates for 2011 that you'll need to keep a close eye on. You should have already applied for UCAS and accepted your offers at this point, as UCAS deadlines also related to student loans. If you're applying for a student loan next year (academic year 2012/2013) these dates do not change and you should take note of the UCAS deadlines to avoid delays in your student loans application (particularly deadlines for accepting course places).


Student Loans Important Dates for 2011 (UCAS)

15 October - Application deadline for student studying dentistry, medicine or in Oxford and Cambridge.

15 January - Deadline for all UCAS applications to be submitted in full (24 March for Art courses).

31 March - Universities should receive your application and offer your a place or reject your application by this date.

5 May - All UCAS applications must accept or reject their university offers by this date (failure to do so will result in UCAS rejecting all offers on your behalf). Applications submitted late to UCAS must reply to offers by 7 June.

30 June - Deadline for "clearing" application which are sent directly to the university and accepted at their discretion.

20 September - Last date for accepting late applications for the 2011 academic year (many universities will not have space for offers this late).


Student Loans Deadline and Important Dates for 2011 (Student Finance)

14 March - Applications can be submitted on this date. You cannot start your application before

31 May - All new applicants should submit their application before this date.

30 June - All returning students should submit their application by this date.

You can still apply for student finance if you started your course before September. You can apply just before the beginning of your course but your application may be adversely delayed and you may miss payments.


Student Loans Payment Dates for 2011

When you apply for your student loan you should receive a declaration form to sign and return. This will also include your payment schedule, which varies for each applicants. Your first student loan instalment will be transferred to your account 3 - 4 days after your attendance is confirmed by the university and your next payments should be around January and May.



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