Student loans from Halifax make studying bearable

To get student loans from Halifax the only thing you'll need is an active student current account with them. There are many benefits to a student current account with Halifax, the biggest being a tasty £3000 overdraft you can avail of whenever you need a few extra pounds.

Being a student is an expensive time. There's always something you need to fork out for, whether it's books, pizza or a night on the town. And the worst thing is money's always tight. Having access to a £3000 overdraft from Halifax is a gift from the gods when you're a student.

The best thing about student loans from Halifax is they're interest free! That's right, you can borrow up to £3000 for whatever you need and not pay a penny in interest charges. This fantastic service is available to students for a period of up to five years, which is the length of a typical course and a year after you graduate.

To apply for a student current account with Halifax you need to be over 18, a student and live in the UK. Every new account has a £500 overdraft at the start and you can apply to increase this to £3000 if you need it.

To qualify for the £3000 overdraft, you'll need to make regular deposits in your account. So if you have a part-time job remember to cash your cheques in the bank and not at the student bar!

You can apply for your student current account with Halifax online, so if you're a student and need some extra cash, stop wasting time and go to their website.


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