Student Loans Payment Dates for 2011

If you've applied for student finance through either Student Finance England, Student Finance Wales or Student Finance Northern Ireland then you should receive a payment timetable alongside your declaration form. If you haven't received this form, or are just interested to know the student loans payment dates for 2011, then here's a short list of the payments for each department.

Be aware that all dates are expected payment dates and may differ depending on your loan; for an accurate representation of student loans payment dates for 2011, contact Student Finance and request a payment schedule. The amount you receive may also different from the figures listed below depending on your individual circumstances.


Student Finance Expected Payment Timetable

For the academic year 2011/12, the payment for tuition fees is set as:

01/02/2011 - £1687.50 (First Instalment)

02/05/2012 - £1687.50 (Second Instalment)

Maintenance loans for the academic year 2011/2012 are expected to be received on:

19/09/2011 - £1176.12 (First Instalment)

09/01/2012 - £1176.12 (Second Instalment)

23/04/2012 - £1211.76 (Third Instalment)

All amounts are based on the standard maximum tuition fee loan of £3375.00 and maintenance loan of £3564.00.


The actual student finance you will receive will depend entirely on the Student Finance body you receive your loan from. There could be other factors affecting the dates in which you receive your student loan, such as:

  • Applying late.
  • Not taking the correct form to University to confirm attendance.
  • Failing to provide correct information on your application.
  • Providing incorrect bank details.


When you attend university you must take your correspondence letter with you from Student Finance. Your university will then confirm your attendance to the relevant organisation and, if there are no previous problems with you application, you should receive your loan according to the student loans payment date for 2011 (the payment timetable) you receive from student finance.

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